Interview Questions To Expect And How To Answer Them PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 24 April 2009 21:24

Even if you've put together a faultless resume and you're dressed perfectly for the position, you still have a lot riding on the interview - perhaps the most yet. If you've made it to the interview, you've come pretty far. Make sure you don't blow it at this point by not knowing what to expect or how to respond. Expecting the following questions and knowing answers will help you demonstrate professionalism and competence.

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Getting Your Finances in Order PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 April 2009 21:06

The United States is in a recession.  People are getting laid off in all employment sectors.  Wages are stagnant.  Credit cards are harder to get.  Loans are almost non-existent, and if you are able to find one, the rates you receive would make a loan shark envious.  How can you possibly get your financial life into order?

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Professional Time Management Tips PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 19:56

One of the best all-around skills to learn for your professional life is good time management. You will more easily get more done every day, and your professional and personal lives will become more fulfilling and more successful. Follow these simple tips to begin maximizing your time efficiency today.

Series of Five Tips for Your Interview PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 April 2009 22:12

Acing your job interview is something anybody can do, it just takes some practice. You don’t need to be exceptionally charming or naturally interesting, you just have to know what to expect. These tips will prepare you.

9 Simple Tips to Advance Your Career PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 April 2009 01:08

Most of us are looking to get promoted to a more desirable position.  It’s not as hard as others make it.  Here are some tips that you can use to better your chances:

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